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Events Gear Values

Events Gear values


Here at Events Gear is committed to the continuous improvement of the social, Environmental, and economic growth in the Northeast of England. With a specific target region from Hull to Newcastle up the Northeast coast. Events Gear has a 3 year development plan to offer new opportunities for the long term unemployed, to train young people with real world job skills and to become a 100% carbon neutral company by 2025.

Events gear is a year old and in our first year we have developed a strong well organized and enthusiastic team. We have also focus on a locally recruited team. We have focused on providing long term above living wage jobs and careers to local people on the Northeast Coast.

As well as creating long term skilled positions we intend to have a 5 to 1 ratio of apprentices to full time staff. Meaning by the end of 2023, with the support of local contracts we will have two completely new apprentice positions.


In 2023 Events gear will be proud to offer work placement to colleges up and down the East Coast, making the company available to anyone to come and learn from our expertise in structural erecting, electrical engineering and business management.  At Events Gear we believe building a strong company means investing in the skills of the young and reemploying the knowledge of the past.

Events gear is also committed to sourcing all local contractors for any temporary positions, such as riggers and erectors, sound engineers, and lighting technicians. With a commitment to employ 80% of employees from the Northeast coast.


Events Gear is committed to the environment. In 2023 we will offset all road miles by partnering with We are committed to plant 2 trees for every 120 road miles covered by our vehicles. We understand this isn’t the solution to global warming but recognise this is a step in the right direction. We are also committing to recycle and make 80% of our cabling on the East Coast. A whopping £35,000 worth of cabling a year not being imported from China and instead being manufactured here in the UK. This means we will offset all of our carbon and maybe your commute to work as well! 

How will Events Gear measure its success in its social, environmental and economic development plans?

Events gear has committed to tracking its own progress and publishing its results here.

Good or bad we feel we need to be accountable for our pledges and plans. A quarterly update will measure:


New long term, above living wage jobs created.

Contractor positions converted to full time positions.

Apprenticeships offered

Work placements offered

Geographical data on sourced employees and contractors



Our carbon offset

Our accreditation for carbon neutrality

Number of trees planted



Our contribution and costs towards, training, apprenticeships, and work placements

Our contribution towards locally supported charities through community projects and our business support scheme.