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Chauvet Rogue R3 Spot

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Rogue R3 Spot delivers intense output, crisp optics, sharp focus and maintains a value proposition designed to maximize ROI. This feature-packed moving spot has a bright 300 W LED light engine that produces an even field of light, as well as rotating and static gobos, an 8 position and split-color enabled color wheel, and three facet prism to create stunning looks. A quick moving zoom range of 11.9 – 42.5° adds to its flexibility of use by giving the Rogue R3 Spot the ability to cover large areas.

At a Glance

  • Intense 300 W LED light engine for punchy, bold beams

  • Zoom range of 11.9° to 42.5° to easily cover stages and surfaces from a distance

  • Perfect gobo morphing between gobo wheels

  • Two color wheels with 7 colors, split color ability, and continuous variable speed scrolling

  • Two gobo wheels: one fixed slot scrolling wheel and one rotating, interchangeable, scrolling wheel

  • Iris, 3-facet prism, and frost for beam control

  • Beautiful 16-bit LED dimming for ultimate fade control

  • Neutrik® powerCON® power input/output connections for power linking

  • 3- and 5-pin DMX input/output connections

  • RDM enabled for remote addressing and trouble shooting

  • Selectable PWM settings to maintain flicker free operation on camera

  • Simple and complex DMX channel profiles for programming versatility

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