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Chauvet WELL Fit 6-pack (chrome) in charging case

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Power and Current (charging case): 345 W, 3.323 A @ 100 V, 60 Hz [10.2 A inrush]WELL Fit is a must for event lighting. A discrete, high powered LED up-lighter, this small battery powered wash light comes in a reflective chrome housing designed to blend into any decor. WELL Fit can be controlled wirelessly either by W-DMX or by an included IR remote; alternatively, it can be controlled manually from the OLED display on the fixture. All of these features combined make the WELL Fit a perfect solution for quick setup and distinguished accent lighting.

At a Glance

  • A completely wireless IP65 rated battery powered up-light with four high powered quad colored RGBA LEDs that is controlled by W-DMX or IR remote.

  • Chrome exterior for blending into its surroundings.

  • Ships with 6 slot drop in charging case for easy storage and re-charging of the battery.

  • 8 hours of operation at full and a quick 5 hours charging time for frequent use.

  • Built in automated programs recallable by IR, WDMX or manually.

  • M12 threaded insert for easy clamp installation and a Kensington lock position for securing your investment.

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