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DAP CA-2150 2x150 W

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2x 150 W - bridge and stereo mode

  • Class D amp technology
  • 1 unit height and suitable for 19" rack
  • Advanced protection circuits
  • Stereo and bridge mode
  • Indicator LEDs for connection and clipping

The DAP CA-2150 is a 2x 150 watt amplifier for a compact 19-inch installation with a 1 unit height. Equipped with Class D technology and SMPS, the CA-2150 has all the necessary functionalities for today's user.

This 2-channel model has XLR and Jack inputs. Available outputs are speakON and 6.3 mm Jack with the option to switch between stereo and bridge mode. In addition, the gain is adjustable per channel.

When a channel signal is causing distortion, a LED signal is indicating you to decrease the source signal level. It is not only protected from clipping, but also from overloading and overheating due to soft start technology.

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