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DAP Odin Array Set

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Complete flying set with 12 satellites and 8 subwoofers

  • 12x 8" Odin T-8A satellite speakers incl. 3x Flight Case for 4x T-8A
  • 8x 18" Odin S-18 subwoofer incl. 4x Castor Board and 4x Transport Cover
  • Odin CL-4 Connect with 16x 1.5 m CAT5 cable and 4x 10/15 m CAT5 cable
  • 4x Odin Fly Bar (2x FB-01 & 2x FB-02) and 2x CA-01 connection adapter
  • 16x 1.5 m powerCON m/f and 4x 10 m Blue power connector/schuko

The DAP Odin Array Set is a complete hanging Line Array Audio system, suitable for live performances for a large crowd up to 2500 people. The set consists of twelve T-8A satellites and eight S-18A subwoofers including dedicated cables and setup & transportation equipment.

Odin Line Array systems are designed to achieve the best possible acoustic response in the low/mid and mid frequencies, resulting in an optimal sound dispersal, even at lower volume levels. Fully equipped with Celestion® speakers, Odin Audio Systems offers loads of character, great features and scalability at an unprecedented price level.

This audio system is versatile with 9 audio application presets and fully adjustable DSP settings. It can therefore be used for many audio purposes, such as live music, open air, entertainment and conventions/presenters.

SKU D3900SET03