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DAP Qi-4600 4x600 W

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4x 600 W amplifier

  • Perfect sound quality and long lifespan
  • Robust steel 19" / 1U housing
  • Suitable for either mobile and installation speakers
  • Bridge and stereo modus
  • SMPS, Class D amplification & Soft start technology

The DAP Qi-4600 is a 4x 600 watt amplifier suitable for the DAP-Xi speaker range. Each channel has its own gain control and protect, limit and signal indicator LEDs. This amplifier is not only suitable for DAP Xi speakers but can also be applied for mobile use due to its rugged steel housing.

The Qi-4600 has 4 routable XLR inputs and speakON outputs. They can be set in either bridge and stereo mode. Equipped with SMPS and Class D amplification, it is a lightweight and energy efficient solution delivering a high quality sound signal.

This device is save to use thanks to its advanced protection circuit. It is protected from overload, overheat and clipping due to various built-in protection mechanisms, such as a softstart and clip limiter. Furthermore, the Qi-series is made with high-quality low-deviation components to ensure a long lifespan and a perfect sound quality.

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