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DMT Premiere Series 3.9mm Outdoor LED 500mm x 1000mm Blue Line

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The DMT Premiere Series PS3.9 Blue Line is an IP54/IP65-certified LED panel with 3.9-mm (0.154”) pixel pitch, suitable for fixed and mobile indoor as well as temporary outdoor (rental) applications. Its thin design of 66 mm (2.6”) and small pixel pitch are perfect for short-distance viewing (from 4 metres/13 feet) and allow it to be used in a narrow setup, for example on medium stages or corporate events.

The Premiere Series PS3.9 Blue Line has a bright 5000-nits output for a clear view on a summer day. It is based on the same frame as the PS3.9-G2 Outdoor. Each component can be replaced from the front and the back of the unit. This makes it possible to exchange a damaged or faulty component without taking down the whole panel.

Three types of separately available rigging bars make hanging and stacking a breeze. With the Stacking Bracket (101743), mounting a stacked screen to a Layher or truss construction is safe and quick. Power Pro and ProCat connections ensure safe and solid power and data connectivity. The built-in A5s PLUS receiver card works together flawlessly with any NovaStar video processor.

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