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Infinity Chimp Dongle for OnPC 2 Universes, 1 DMX Output

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2 universes, 1 DMX output

  • Dongle for the Infinity Chimp OnPC software
  • Enables two universes
  • DMX, Art-Net & sACN for capturing the show data
  • Freedom to use any visualisation software
  • Use Chimp OnPC software for a direct virtual stage experience

The Infinity Chimp dongle for OnPC will enable 2 DMX universes in your Infinity Chimp OnPC software. With the available DMX output on this dongle, it is possible to distribute the first DMX universe via traditional cable. A second universe is available through Art-Net or sACN.

Art-Net and sACN give you the freedom to use any visualization software to capture the show data and display the results on your virtual stage. This way, preparing your show file becomes easier and more fun.

The two indicator LEDs on the PC dongle will light up as soon as your PC/laptop is connected. No additional power supply is required as the dongle is powered via the USB-Connection. Please note that DMX, USB-And Ethernet cables are not included.

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