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Infinity iFX-615 Moving Light Rating Bar RGBW

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Continuous rotating RGBW Bar

  • Continuous Pan & Tilt movement
  • Additional double Y-Axis movements
  • Fast movement through high torque motors
  • Pixel control
  • RGBW & CMY Colour mode

The Infinity® iFX-615 is a moving light bar with 2 individual moving sections; continuous rotation on both X- and Y-axis, and 2 separate LED sections (3 LEDs each) with a movement of 15° in both directions. With this additional movement in both directions and pixel control, it is possible to create stunning beam and sweep effects. Its six 67 mm 4.5° lenses with 15 W RGBW LEDs provide the exact same output and optics as the iM-2515 and iB-715. The infinity iFX-615 gives light designers a new tool to lift their show to a higher level.

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