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Infinity iM-2515 RGBW Matrix Moving Light

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RGBW Matrix

  • 4.5° high grade optics
  • Full Pixel control
  • Continuous Pan & Tilt rotating
  • 5x5 RGBW Matrix
  • Selectable RGBW or CMY colour mixing

The Infinity® iM-2515, 5x5 Matrix, is an absolute highlite within this flagship series and should be part of any professional show!

This fully pixel controllable matrix fixture, with continuous rotating on both pan and tilt, offers endless creative possibilities to lighting designers.
25 Osram O-Star 15 W RGBW LEDs, combined with high-grade optics, will guarantee a palette of beautiful colours and a high light output. High torque motors ensure fast movements and at a beam angle of just 4.5°, its beams are solid and precise.

Whether you want to create dynamic effects, breath-taking visuals or perfect solid beams, the Infinity® iM-2515 is the fixture that will help you achieve it all!

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