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Infinity S401 Spot

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Furion Series

  • 1:5 Zoom range 6 - 30°
  • 16-bit prism & gobo index
  • CMY + CTO Colour mix system
  • Continuous Bi-rotating Animation Wheel
  • Onboard W-DMX by Wireless Solutions Sweden

The Furion S401 offers a 5:1 ratio zoom range from 6º to 30º. CMY colour mixing with CTO incorporated produces the perfect colourmix very fast and extremely precise. Take into account the separate colour wheel and you will have a wide array or colours to choose from. User friendly CMY macros are one of the standard features on the Furion S401 and are easy to program. The bidirectional continuous rotating animation-wheel, combined with Digital Motion FX, 6 glass gobos and 7 metal gobos, creates awesome projections or mid-air effects with the only limit being your imagination.

This spot is a true powerhouse which produces a razor-sharp beam with clear visuals. Switching from fast movements to smooth moves is no issue for the Furion S401 Spot.

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