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LX1000 Portable Lighting Tower

Original price £1,220.00 - Original price £2,290.00
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£1,220.00 - £2,290.00
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In stock
In stock

LX1000 Light Tower, is the portable lighting tower you never knew you needed!

  • Single latch to release tripod
  • Deploy or fold in seconds
  • Ultra-long endurance
  • One beaater pack can power more than 30 hours using extreme mode
  • One person operation
  • Dual handle & Strap Available

3 packages avaialble to purchase
* Accessories can be ordered seperately, please contact us to discuss which accessories you require or to create your own package

Package A: 1 x LX1000 Lighting Tower & 1 x Driver  

Pacakge B: 1 x LX1000 Lighting Tower, 1 x Lithium-ion Battery Pack & 1 x Dual Bay Simultaneous Charger

Package C: 1 x LX1000 Lighting Tower, 3 x Lithium-ion Battery Pack, 1 x Dual Bay Simultaneous Charger, 1 x Driver & 1 x Flash Light

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