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Wireless Solution BlackBox F-2 G6 Transceiver

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  • RDM & Wi-Fi transmitter, receiver & repeater
  • Suitable for W-DMX, Art-Net & Streaming ACN
  • Range up to 700 metres (2200 ft)
  • 1024 DMX channels
  • Bluetooth connectivity for updates and configuration

The Blackbox F-2 G6 is a simple and reliable RDM and Wi-Fi transmitter, receiver and repeater. This allows you to create a solid wireless connection up to a distance of 700 metres (2200 ft). You can send / receive / repeat up to 512 DMX channels with it. In addition, it can be used in combination with previous generations, such as the G3, G4, G4S and G5. If you want to connect the Blackbox F2 G6 to a Lumens Radio CRMX transmitter, you can opt for the optional CRMX upgrade for F2 G6. This makes this receiver box the first in the world to work with more than two million wireless DMX units.

The Blackbox F-2 G6 is an advanced device, yet very easy to control with just one button and status indication LEDs. You can also easily perform updates via Bluetooth using the W-DMX Configurator app. The aluminium housing has a built-in M10 clamp mount and hole with which it can be securely attached with hook and loop and an extra security thread.

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